At Stonewall, we’re joining the call for badly-needed reforms. We’re backing changes which will make it more straightforward for more trans people to self-determine their gender and have it legally recognised. This includes non-binary people and under 18s, who are currently excluded from the process.

These are not the only reforms that trans communities are calling for, but they will be a crucial step on the road to equality.

Trans people’s voices must be front and centre. But it is vital that that all of us who support equality show our support too. The Government needs to hear how the proposals will benefit trans people, and that they are widely supported by communities across the country. With a significant backlash from powerful parts of society, it is vital that we do as much as we can to mobilise our networks to respond positively to the consultation.

We’d love to work with you on this. We’ve created tools and resources to help people answer the consultation questions easily and quickly, and to spread the message among your communities. We’re urging people to do the following:

Fill in the consultation. This is the most important thing you can do! Respond to the consultation as an organisation and an individual. There are top tips and a form you can use to quickly and easily submit your response direct from the Stonewall website.

Tell others. Most people don’t know this consultation is happening, or that they can take part. Share on social media using #ComeOutForTransEquality why it matters to you or take your picture with these pledge placards. You can also order posters, stickers and other resources to get the word out in your networks. Use newsletters, group meetings, training sessions or any opportunity you can think of to tell others.

Get together. Set a date when you can get your staff, volunteers or groups together to learn more and submit their responses. The more people respond, the more impact we’ll have. For example, at Stonewall we got all our staff together one lunchtime to fill out our own responses. We also have ready-made activities to use in a youth, community or parents’ group meeting. You’ve got until 19 October - but there’s no need to wait.

If you’re not sure what a consultation is or what to say – we have all the info you need to fill it in, to feel confident in telling others, and in answering some common questions about trans issues and identities. No one has to be an expert to fill in the consultation, your experience and passion for equality is what matters most.