FACES is the first NAZ movie. It is a gritty suspense drama exploring two key issues associated with the HIV narrative within Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in the UK: late diagnosis and stigma. These themes are interwoven into a plot that reflects the complexities of interracial love, same-gender relationships, and sexual assault.

A short version of the film was nominated for Best British Short Film at Raindance 2017, and the feature film has been selected to show at Durban International Film Festival 2018. 

The film stars Shingai Shoniwa, the lead singer of the Noisettes; the internationally-renowned South African actress Terry Pheto; and Nigeria-born actress Oreka Goddess. FACES was directed by Joseph Adesunloye, and funded by Barts Health Charity, Gilead Pharmaceuticals and Public Health England.