“NAZ Latina staff has helped me to carry on with my life and has provided me with a safe space to meet people to socialize. They have also helped me with my immigration case; they got me a lawyer, collected information to be used as evidence in my case and they have also written supporting letters regarding my situation in this country.” - Colombian gay man

“For us it has been excellent service because NAZ Latina helped us in everything we have needed: Doctor, treatment, welfare benefits, housing, information and social support. You are doing a very good job, thanks and carry on.”  - Peruvian heterosexual woman

Latin Americans are a diverse and rapidly-growing community in London and recently, there has been greater recognition of the need to respond to the sexual health inequalities they face. Between lack of knowledge or familiarity with British medical procedures, language barriers, and navigating traditional cultural attitudes toward sexuality, Latin Americans are particularly at risk where it comes to sexual health.

In 2013, HIV prevalence in London was 30% higher among Latin Americans compared to that of the general population[1]

NAZ Latina is the heartbeat for Sexual Health in the Spanish community of London. We offer a wide-range of sexual health and HIV services in the UK to Spanish-speaking men and women, both heterosexual ('straight') and people who are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans). We work with people from the Latin, Spanish or any other Spanish-speaking communities.

We specialise in providing a service that meets your needs in terms of language, culture and religious understanding. NAZ Latina also seeks to increase awareness of Latin American cultures amongst health care professionals.

Our services are in English and Spanish.

Between 2016-17, 368 Latin American people took an HIV test through NAZ. An additional 48 people living with HIV were referred to NAZ Latina for peer support.

For more information, please contact our Spanish-speaking health coordinator Carlos Corredor on 020 8834 0233 or email at [email protected]

[1] HIV & AIDS Reporting Section, Public Health England