“I was an asylum seeker running from persecution from Iran due to my HIV and being gay. The support and advocacy provided by NAZ and the Muslim Support group helped me through a very difficult path.  I was unable to manage my health due to suffering from chronic depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but NAZ aided me through the hard times and gave me the encouragement to grow and fight the stigma and discrimination I was faced with. Today I have been able to disclose my HIV status to my family and friends and now I find life to be much more worth living than before.” - Iranian MSM

NAZ Muslim is a support service for Muslims and people of other faiths who are interested in howfFaith complements sexual health wellbeing.

We specialise in providing a service that affirms the role of faith, prayer and scripture as part of the HIV and sexual health care continuum. We offer a range of sexual health and HIV support services.

Through a culturally sensitive approach, we promote good sexual health including HIV prevention and care and support services to people of faith living with HIV.

For further information about our services, or to get support, please contact:

Khaiser Khan, our NAZ Muslim and Testing Faith Coordinator, on 020 8834 0247 or [email protected]

Khaiser specialises in HIV support, and how the Muslim faith applies to HIV and other sexual health issues. He also works with Imams to provide guidance around HIV and is the coordinator for the Muslim workshops we run as part of the Testing Faith project.