Under the nOSCARS brand our ambition is to develop and deliver a 12-month, 5-step knowledge transfer programme called ‘Back2BLAQUE’ (Believing in Life and Achieving a Quest for Unity and Everything) to raise the profile of sexual health outside of the sexual health sector and improve BAME groups’ sexual and overall health. We will do this by organising an executive two-day symposium which facilitates a two-way exchange and diffusion of experiences, knowledge, failures and perspectives with regards to communicating with BAME groups.

Our vision is to enable the creation of knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs) between accomplished commercial sector partners and sexual health organisations that are committed to supporting people living with HIV and other sexual health challenges. We anticipate these partnerships will lead to a visible change in how charitable organisations
provide for BAME groups and improve their experiences of sexual and reproductive health and HIV.

Back2Blaque will take place in November. Stay tuned for updates here and across our social media channels.