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holistic Mental health and wellbeing services and support

Cherish Hounslow is a mental health community project partnership provided by NAZ and METRO Charity. The project provides one-to-one advice and advocacy, group work, social groups and counselling for both LGBTQ+ and Minoritised Ethnic people in Hounslow who are experiencing mental health issues. Provided online and over the phone until COVID-19 restrictions ease, then provided at community locations in the borough.

Racially minoritised and LGBTQ+ people have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Many of us have struggled with ill health, social isolation, job loss, problems accessing benefits and low confidence to access more generic mental health support services.


This holistic programme will address community disparities in access to and engagement with mental services by focusing on social issues that affect mental health. The programme will address community belonging, economic stability, housing, income and social support.

The partnership will deliver holistic mental health and well-being services and support, including: 

  • Mental health and well-being peer support groups  

  • Structured group work and social groups such as mindfulness and dance sessions

  • One-to-one advice and advocacy 

  • Counselling 


One-to-one support is provided by experienced workers who can help you with advice and support and signposting and can help in accessing other mental health support and services. Our group work is through structured sessions and weekly drop-in support. Our structured support includes dance classes and mindfulness classes. We also provide a weekly drop-in support session where you can meet with others in a similar situation.

who can use this service

To access the service you need to be from the LGBTQ+ community or the Black and minority ethnic communities, or both. You also need to live, work, or study in Hounslow.


Free 6-week Mindfulness and Self-care Online Course

For LGBTQIA people we have seen a lockdown of our safe spaces, our queer-friendly support bubbles decimated whilst coping with unprecedented levels of uncertainty, anxiety and loss. 

This 6-week online course for LGBTQIA people by LGBTQIA people is designed to support you in becoming more accepting, caring and reassuring of yourself, especially during times when life feels challenging.

For more information and to find out how to register, please contact:

12 free professional counselling sessions

NAZ’s counselling service provides professional and culturally competent sexual health and HIV counselling to our client groups – Minoritised Ethnic individuals, many of whom are living with HIV and/or are LGBT or another sexual minority. We aim to improve access to mental health services and improve the quality of life for Minoritised Ethnic people around a range of issues including HIV diagnosis, difficulties around sexuality, relationships, self-esteem and depression. We provide a short-term focused intervention of 12 sessions across 12 weeks.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact Sanjay Kumar:


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