Meet the team

Take a look at our hardworking team, working tirelessly everyday to provide you the support you need. We are here for you.

Parminder Sekhon.JPG

Parminder Sekhon


Dr Kim Hawkins.jpeg

Dr. Kim Hawkins

Research and Policy Officer


Benjamin Beever

Finance Manager

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Sanjay Kumar

Counselling Services Manager

Karl Stephenson.jpg

Karl Stephenson


 Ella Frost.jpg

Ella Frost

SASH Peer Mental Lead for BAME Women

sammy asyeed.jpg

Sammy Assayed

SASH BAME Sexual Health Community Engagement Coordinator

Shinette Brown.jpg

Shinette Brown

SASH Health and Wellbeing Coach

Sophia Staffiero.JPG

Sophia Staffiero

SASH BAME Engagement Worker


Dr. Khaiser Khan

Advocacy & Casework Practitioner

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Dr. Priyanka Goel

Partnership Manager


Kandace Smith

Women's Sexual Health Engagement Coordinator

Anthony Hunte.jpeg

Anthony Hunte

HIV Peer Support Coordinator

Mohamed Essoussi.jpg

Mohamed Essoussi

SASH BAME Sexual Health Community Engagement Coordinator

Gillian Elwell.png

Gillian Elwell

Clinical Supervisor