About us

NAZ is the sexual health charity dedicated to delivering culturally-specific sexual health services to those historically left behind. We do this because there’s a big gap in the sexual health outcomes of Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities compared to the general population. Everything we do works to reverse this.

We are one of the largest sexual health charities in London initiated and led by ethnic minorities. We are also one of the longest-established charities to focus predominantly on sexual health improvement and HIV support services for BAME communities. Through our outreach, programmes, services, and events, we reach around 10,000 people each year. Our core services are available in five languages, and all NAZ services are free.

The NAZ board, staff and volunteers are recruited from across the communities we seek to impact. Today, NAZ offers the most relevant and culturally-specific range of sexual health services and programmes for men and women from BAME communities.

We work across four key areas:

  1. HIV care and support services, including advocacy and counselling, for people living with affected by HIV
  2. Sexual health promotion, including targeted support for BAME LGBTQ communities, faith communities and those at risk of acquiring HIV, STIs and experiencing poor sexual health
  3. Clinical services, such as HIV testing and screening
  4. Research, evaluation and policy development

At the heart of all our work is a passion and drive to not only redress sexual health inequalities, but to enable all people from BAME communities to enjoy positive sexual health and well-being.

History, ethos and values 

All we do is in honour of a man named Nazir, a Pakistani Muslim who was married with two children. He was also a closeted gay man living with AIDS. When his status became public, he was rejected by his mosque, ostracised by his community and found no social support that understood he had more than one identity, nor how those identities overlapped. The late gay rights and HIV activist Shivananda Khan OBE established NAZ, in memory of his friend Nazir, because he understood that support for people like Nazir would need to be culturally-specific, community-driven and integrated.

As such, we believe that sexual health programmes and policy for BAME communities should be:

  1. Culturally-specific
  2. Driven from within the community
  3. An integrated approach, with knowledge of healthcare, race, culture, religion and sexuality
  4. Working to meaningfully involve BAME communities in the thinking, strategy and research agenda for their sexual health promotion

Unfortunately, the issues that Nazir experienced more than 25 years ago still exist today. NAZ offers the most relevant and targeted response to this dilemma. We exist in order to provide a range of sexual health services and programmes, specifically for men and women from BAME communities. We exist so you know you are not alone.

Our footprint

This year represented a significant increase in NAZ’s capability to deliver on its mission to deliver culturally-specific sexual health services to those historically left behind.