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health equality for black communities.
no compromises.

The Global HIV Collaborative was formed in 2021 by NAZ with the specific aim of improving HIV-related health outcomes for Black communities on an international scale. By bringing together voices at every level, from community programmes and faith leaders, researchers and scientists, policy-makers to business leaders, it’s our aim to create a shared pool of knowledge that benefits us all — and then using that knowledge to make real changes.

UNAIDS has a 2030 target to reach zero transmissions in HIV, this will only be met if countries bring Black communities with them in the fight to end the HIV epidemic.

For too long Black communities have been ignored and overlooked in the fight against HIV. The next 10 years is pivotal in changing the outcomes for Black communities living or impacted by HIV. The Global HIV Collaborative aims to highlight this disproportional impact and how we can mobilise as a community and give a voice to Black communities marginalised by it. 

At the Global HIV Collaborative, we believe it’s time to make a change — and make it now. There can be no compromise on health equality for Black communities.

We don’t accept half-measures. We need results.

Find out more about the Global HIV Collaborative and our members by visiting the website:

or email to join the fight:

our Mission

We work tirelessly every day to create a world in which every Black person living with HIV gets the equal health outcomes they deserve.

our Vision

A world with true parity in health outcomes for those living with HIV and inequalities in health outcomes eradicated.

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