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A peer support group for GBTQ+ men of the South Asian communities.

About this service

DOST is a monthly support group for South Asian GBTQ+ men.  The group is a safe, facilitated space for those attending to connect, discuss issues they may be affected by and reduce social isolation. 

Who can use this service?

The project is for South Asian GBTQ+ men or identifying as trans or non-binary - or any combination of these.

Why do people use this service?


The objective is to improve the health and well-being of South Asian gay and bi men and non-binary people. This in turn can provide positive outcomes, such as improved levels of confidence, reduced isolation through social connection, increased knowledge around sexual health and empowerment to address or work through community-specific issues.

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The group meeting takes place on the first Tuesday of every month, from 7pm to 9pm

at NAZ, 30 Black's Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 9DT. 

Contact: Ravi Chohan, (Dost Group Coordinator) on 07309 645331


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