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COMMUNITY Programmes

Sexual health and promotion services take on an eclectic mix at NAZ; from outreach at bars, nightclubs and saunas, to tailored prevention messages for faith leaders, domestic violence organisations and minoritised ethnic-led businesses, the NAZ prevention team shows up, where our communities show up. 

Each year we support around 10,000 people through outreach, condom distribution, culturally specific literature, peer support, 1:2:1 support and advice. We encourage people who do not readily access statutory services to engage with our services as we have built up the trust and confidence of our communities over the years.

Our HIV testing service provides a higher reactivity rate than clinical services – last year NAZ conducted 1,068 HIV tests, of which 23 were reactive, giving a reactivity rate of 2.2%. This compares with 0.4% for community HIV testing overall in England; and with 0.2% positivity for specialist sexual health services in England. We see clients from across all 33 London boroughs and regularly see clients from outside London.


In 2018/19 we:

  • Distributed 20,0000 condoms to BAME MSM                                                           

  • Supported 405 people through group sessions                                           

  • Supported 414 people living with HIV  

  • Delivered 718 Counselling sessions                                                                                    

  • Helped 728 with  1-1 assessment                                                                       

  • Had 66 people volunteering, and had mentoring opportunities                                   

  • Conducted Rapid HIV tests for 1068 people through our outreach work

  • 55% of people never tested for HIV before                                        

  • Identified 18 new cases of HIV as a result of a NAZ intervention

"We are so grateful to receive support and advice for our service users and members. Also for the continuous help to break the stigma and socio/cultural barriers to access HIV medical treatment for ethnic minority communities in London."

Our community programmes

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