A project committed to challenging HIV stigma and increasing the engagement of Latin Americans in HIV prevention approaches and sexual health services in England.

These are five short documentary-style films under the title ‘My Message to You’. Funded by Public Health England. 'My Message to You' is a collaboration between METRO Charity, NAZ, and Mexican HIV activist artist, Roberto Tovar, founder of Numero de Serie.

The films feature Latinx Americans living with HIV in England and offer viewers a glimpse of what it is like to live with HIV in 2021. In each film, participants describe the challenges that they have faced for living with HIV, as well as how their experience has helped define their sense of self and outlook on life going forward.

Directed by - Roberto Tovar
Filmed & Edited by - Thomas Line
Graphic Design by - Vicente RM, Carlos Romo-Melgar & John Philip Sage

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Marcos is a hairdresser, massage therapist, and drag queen from Brazil. He's lived in London since 2014. Marcos describes “art” as his way of life and says that the word could easily be his surname. he always strives to incorporate art in his life one way or another. Marcos’ hobbies include getting together with friends, gaming, and ice skating. He was diagnosed with HIV in 2012 and has been raising awareness around living with the virus ever since. “never give up” is Marcos’ ultimate life quote.

Arthur Britney has lived in Liverpool since 2017. They are the first non-binary person to be granted UK refugee status. Arthur volunteers for Sahir house in Liverpool. They talk about their story of resilience and embracing their identity in the UK.

Virginia has lived in London for over 17 years. She is a horticulturist and garden designer. During her life, she has survived cancer and overcome an HIV diagnosis. Virginia currently works at Positively UK and runs a project named 'The Seeds'. The aim of the project is to welcome people living with HIV and, through gardening, improve their wellbeing. She has also been involved in extensive medical research as a patient representative.

Roberto has been living in London for 6 years. Combining his very own HIV personal experience with his creative background, he decided it was important to spread the sexual health message through the Latin communities and decided to fund Número de Serie, a project focused on working cross-functionally to raise awareness on mental health as well as sexual health. During the day, you can find him being a Community Manager for a psychotherapy hub. By night, he enjoys sweating in dark basements.

Dani is a doctor in psychology with an emphasis on socialization, gender diversity, and migrations. They have experience in university teaching, research and community, and clinical work focused on well-being and the promotion of rights from an intersectional perspective, especially of transgender folk. Dani has lived in London for 4 years. They have volunteered for METRO charity and IRMO and currently work as the Project Director of FUNDACIÓN GAAT (Grupo de Acción y Apoyo a Personas con Experiencia de Vida Trans), in Colombia - where they have collaborated in the execution of social projects at the Latin American level, as well as at the national level.