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29 JANUARY 2024

National HIV Testing Week is an annual campaign that aims to promote HIV testing, raise awareness about HIV, and reduce the stigma surrounding the virus. 

National HIV Testing Week is an important initiative that focuses on increasing HIV awareness and testing rates across the United Kingdom. It encourages people to get tested for HIV, especially those who may be at higher risk of infection. The campaign aims to normalise HIV testing, promote early diagnosis, and provide information about HIV prevention and treatment options.

How to Get Involved:


Here are several ways you can participate in National HIV Testing Week and support the campaign’s objectives:

  • Get Tested: If you haven’t been tested for HIV, consider getting tested during this week. Many clinics and healthcare providers offer free and confidential HIV testing services.

  • Spread Awareness: Use your social media platforms and personal networks to share information about National HIV Testing Week. Encourage your friends and followers to get tested and know their HIV status.

  • Support Testing Centres: Volunteer or collaborate with organisations and clinics that provide HIV testing services. Your assistance can help ensure that testing is accessible and convenient for everyone.

  • Learn About HIV: Educate yourself about HIV prevention, treatment, and the importance of early diagnosis. Share accurate information with others to combat stigma and misinformation.


History of National HIV Testing Week:

National HIV Testing Week was established to address the ongoing challenges posed by HIV in the UK. The campaign recognises that raising awareness about HIV, promoting regular testing, and providing support to those living with the virus are essential steps in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Over the years, this annual event has played a significant role in reducing HIV-related stigma and improving access to testing and treatment. This year’s a special one as it marks a decade since it started!



These hashtags can help raise awareness, share personal experiences, and connect with organisations and individuals committed to ending HIV/AIDS.


To download free clinic resources, go to:

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